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  • Louisville Educational Article of the Month - Should I relocate a bat?

Should I relocate a bat?

Should I relocate a bat?

(No, you should never trap them and even if you relocate, they will find their way back)

For many people, the Louisville bats are unwelcome house guests, but they can be good neighbors. They are able to eat too many night flying insects and they may try to be out most of the time. When the bats may have made their way in the home, there are some tips on what to do so that they may stay out.

The Kentucky bats that stay in the house are for maternity reasons and they may be having own babies. When the bats spend the winter hibernating, they are going to return to the same neighborhood during the summer. In summer or in spring, they are going to be attracted to the hot places of building like under the roof or in the attic. When the basic or the preferred roost gets disturbed, they may find another secondary roost in the nearby Louisville area. The population build up is going to take place for two different reasons. The bats can live for a long period and the bats like to concentrate in a certain area. As the time passes, the bats number will increase and the owners may become concerned and they may think to trap and to relocate the bats. However, before you trap or relocate the Kentucky bats, you have to know that this is not going to be a permanent solutions since you did not do anything to the reasons why the bats were attracted to the building in the first place. The same bats will start to come back after sometime. The best solution is to seal out the holes where the bats use to enter into the Louisville home or give them a bat house where they can live in.

If you wait until the fall comes, then the Kentucky bats will start to leave the house without doing anything. When they fly out, learn about the holes they use and close them so when they come back, they will not find a place to enter. The bats do not chew their way into the building so anything can stop them. When you exclude or you relocate the bats, you are creating a problem to the entire neighborhood since if they come back and they find out that their place was displaced, they are going to try to find another place in your house or from the neighbors’. The best solution is giving them the bat box that meets all the specifications that are provided by the game commission. When you choose to give them their house, you have to be aware of where to keep them. The house should not be kept in the place where there are too much shade, the best location is where it can get at least over six hours of the direct sunshine.

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