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  • Louisville Educational Article of the Month - Is it legal for me to trap a groundhog?

Is it legal for me to trap a groundhog?

Is it legal for me to trap a groundhog?

Groundhog also called woodchucks are in the same family like Louisville squirrels and they normally do not weight over 14 pounds and they are 25 inches long with the tail. The full is yellowish-brown or near black. They do have bushy tail and short legs. They do hibernate in the winter in the underground burrows and they do normally dig with a small slope. Winter Kentucky burrows live in the wooded place and the summer burrows are found in agricultural and grassy field where the food may be found and in some cases they may live under your barn. The groundhogs are normally territorial but not in the breeding period. They do defend the burrow against any intruder.

The groundhogs may be trapped using the live cages that are baited using the apple and you will not need any permit to trap them. However, you need to get the permission from the Louisville landowner or the property manager if you want to release the groundhog at a certain property. Where shooting the groundhog is legal, it may be the effective way that you can reduce or you can maintain the low population of the Kentucky woodchucks. The woodchucks may be captured or even killed any time of the year and there is no permit needed and there is no limit on the number you can take or kill. So far as the wild animals are concerned, we all are not comfortable to have them at home as neither a pet nor we want them near about us anyway. This is just because of many common reasons.

If you do not want that groundhog may enter into your Louisville home to eat the plants and the shrubs, you should install the fence around the home. You have to bury the wire to reach to 12 inches below so that they do not dig to enter into your home. The electric wire fence that it is found at last 5 inches over the ground, it will discourage the climbing and the digging under a fence. The scarecrows may provide the temporary relief but they have to be moved most of the time and it is in the conjunction of the high amount of the human and dog presence in order to scare the groundhogs away. The Kentucky groundhog will eat the fruit, leaves of the bushes, ferns and grasses. They can also eat small branches or bark.

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