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  • Louisville Educational Article of the Month - How to keep opossums away from your property

How to keep opossums away from your property

How to keep opossums away from your property

The opossums are the Louisville animals that cannot be mistaken since they are marsupial. The opossums are called pests because they are able to break in anything you have so that they can get the food. When the Kentucky opossums have found that you keep good food in your place, you should be sure that they are going to keep coming back. When they enter into your trash cans, they can make the mess. They are also going to make the meal out of anything they can find around such as fruits and vegetables when you grow them in the garden while they can also eat the foods of your pets.

The droppings of the Louisville opossums may also have the parasites which pet may eat and get sick. Such critters can set themselves up in your home and they can chew their way to enter the attics, sheds, garage and walls. When the opossums are already in the home, they may make more damage when they chew or gnaw within the electrical wiring, drywall and wood. When the opossums die within your Louisville home, they are going to create the biohazard to the family.

If you are concerned about the problem with the Kentucky opossums, you have to know that the best way to deal with the problem is to avoid the problem to start in the first place. Do not put anything in your home that can attract the opossums. Make sure that the garbage cans have been secured within the garage and that they are in the air tight container. You have also to ensure that the food of the pets is always kept inside and you should pick up any rotten vegetables or fruit in your Louisville garden.

Another way to deal with the opossums is building the fence so that they do not enter into the Louisville property. You may use the traditional wire mesh fence or the traditional picket fence but whatever you go for, you have to make sure that the fence is buried within the ground at least one foot. You should extend the fence so that the animals do not burrow or do not jump over a fence. When the opossums are already in the property, you have to learn the methods of chasing them away.

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