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  • Louisville Educational Article of the Month - Should I feed Pigeons?

Should I feed Pigeons?

Should I feed Pigeons?

Pigeons predominantly feed on grains and cereals, thus they can consume quickly any grainy foods lift in the open. Aside from grains and cereals, Pigeons are known to feed on small insects as well as earthworms . Pigeons can feed on small Kentucky rats , lizards and many other reptiles, they can also carry these small animals in their claws or feet through hundreds of miles during flights until they reach their destination and without losing grip of such animals.

The question of feeding pigeon or not will largely depends on whether the bird is domesticated or not. While domesticated Louisville pigeons can be fed at a restricted area of a property, free-roaming pigeons must never be fed. Domesticated pigeons must only be fed if they are very few (between 1 and 5), however, feeding domesticated Kentucky pigeons may attract the attention of other pigeons , thus the population of pigeons around your property may soar within a short period of time.

Feeding of Louisville pigeons are widely discourage because of the possibility of such birds causing damages to different compartments of a property during flight. When you feed pigeons, they will end up defecating on your roof, similarly, they will end up roosting and building nests close to you property because they have a ready source of food. Feeding Kentucky pigeons around your property also means that they will eventually gain access to other places such as the patio, deck, and garage.

When you feed pigeons close to your Louisville property, they will get used to migrating there in search of food, and when you are not around, they may decide to fly through your door or window. Feeding pigeons within your Kentucky property will increase the chances of the birds gaining access to the attic or the chimney at the top , where they can easily roost and establish their nests. Even when your pigeons are domesticated, you must only feed them in their cages and not outside of their abode, this will reduce their chances of accessing your roof, since they are used to eating in their bowls or troughs , inside their cages.

Feeding Kentucky pigeons is discouraged in every way because of the enormous damages they tend to cause in and outside of properties. The birds are aggressive in nature, and their droppings can get too much to the extent of making roofs to cave in. Pigeon damages reduce the value of homes and can cause thousands of dollars in damages.

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